Alex Ross…nuff said.

I love this man’s work! I really hope he does art for the Avengers movie like he did for Spider-Man 2.


All’s I know is I want a comic featuring the adventures of “America Bear and Cymbal Monkey.”

(via Jim Shooter’s Blog)

“Ultimates # 2”
~ by Kaare Andrews



Paperkeg #20 | Atomic Robo

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The remaining hosts assemble to create perhaps the best show ever recorded with just 3 people inside of Paperkeg Southwest! Setlist goes something like this: news, comics, bookclub, and your letters. Special thanks again to Brad Heitmeyer for his EXCELLENT cover and to YOU for our iTunes reviews and/or ratings so far; they help spread the word about the show.

Topics included, but were not limited to:

  • Marvel proves the naysayers right by bringing back Fantastic Four w/ #600
  • Paperkeg at Baltimore Comic Con
  • Jonesy is going to MonsterCon to see that guy from The Crush
  • Wonder Woman can pick up cars and possibly fly
  • Comics chatter (11:56)
  • Superman: The Return of, ‘68, Samurai’s Blood, The Infinite, Gears of War, and Spider-Man: #spiderisland.
  • Atomic Robo (35:26)
  • Your letters! (48:13)

Thanks again for listening and don’t forget to tune in for the Paperkeg #21 | Chew and to get your letters in! iTunes!