little pre-work-sketch from yesterday

Greaser Wolverine would be on my list of “dream job assignments” 

till then, check out 50’s style superheroes in our book “Moon Girl”


Post Apocalyptic Moon Girl by Sheldon Vella.

This is a sneak peak of the pin-up gallery we’re gonna have in the back of issue #5… coming soon enough.

In the meanwhile check out issue #1-4 at your local comic shop or online at Comixology.

Masked vigilantes wage class warfare from the roof tops of 1950’s New York; it’s The Dark Knight meets Mad Men. Clare is an exiled Russian Princess hiding in New York. When enemies from her old life resurface, the repressed Warrior Queen must fight back. Moon Girl becomes a champion of the counter culture and inspires others in this era of social revolution to be more-than-human. But in order to defeat Satana, Sugar Plum Fairy, Tiki Bob and the dangerous forces they represent, Moon Girl will have to overcome her own neurosis!

Read the Comic Aint It Cool News says is “A whirlwind of spectacularness.”