Vader by Rahzzah 

part of a commission piece


Momoa Aquaman by Rahzzah

I’m most excited about Jason Momoa being Aquaman

Momoa Aquaman by Rahzzah

I’m most excited about Jason Momoa being Aquaman


New Babs by Rahzzah

the new Batgirl look from Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr is the best design in comics since Mohawk Storm

Storm by ~Rahzzah

I think we can all agree, that Punk Rock Storm was the best Storm…



We Named Chris Pratt - Indiana by Rahzzah  

admit it…you kinda really want this

Goddamn it Rahzzah


We Named Chris Pratt “Indiana" by Rahzzah  

admit it…you kinda really want this

Groot by Rahzzah

I don’t care that the idea has been done

so nyyyyah!

Dueling Carols

I think I’m going to start pulling a Lucas on some of the issues I’ve had with my older pieces. Come at them with fresh eyes and,hopefully, a little more skill, while trying not to go down the rabbit hole of re-doing everything.Keep it to 20-30 minute windows.

…I’m still impressively slow, by the way….

Wonder Tweeks by Rahzzah

Because this is the internet and nobody asked me my of course I’m going to give one. :)

I really do like many things about this design but if you’re going to have that strip of leather running across her chest and over her shoulder (that doesn’t need to be there to connect the lasso and ,I imagine a sheath, to her hips),that kinda clutters the vertical lines of top and also breaks that division between here upper chest and the impractical battle bustier, why not just design a top that connects over the shoulder? Or around the neck like in “Justice League: War”?

I messed around quick during lunch on some slight adjustments.

The first one is the original

Middle image I kept the same shape that was made with the belt over the shoulder but made it a continuation of the top (plus I gave her a little shoulder shield for sword fightin’). I really do like the asymmetrical look.

Right image is more how I would have done it, without making any drastic changes (personally I think Wonder Woman’s colours should be the white and gold…her traditional colour scheme has always been too close to Superman. It kind of unbalances the individual looks of The Trinity.

Aside from that all I did was add a bit more of the red and blue to the desaturated image..dropped those heels down to the ground more (fighting in wedges isn’t all that more practical than stilettos guys)…lengthened the battle skirt a tad…and added a bit of muscle.

All and all though, the original design is pretty great.

Thor by Rahzzah

come on..we all knew it was Belle Chere under that helmet..