Jacob Chabot

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The X-fast Club by Rahzzah 

..I really need to do a proper polished version of this idea,someday.

My favourite image of Wolverine,ever.

Barry Windsor Smith

the first strike against “The Wolverine” is that Rinko Kikuchi isn’t playing Yukio

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2012 by ~Rahzzah

lil hodgepodge of illustrations from the last year

Uncanny 181 by ~Rahzzah

…remember that time Wolverine fought a dragon?

my favourite Charest piece


Drawn By
Eric Tan

little pre-work-sketch from yesterday

Greaser Wolverine would be on my list of “dream job assignments” 

till then, check out 50’s style superheroes in our book “Moon Girl” 


"you gotta be shittin’ me"

quick Logan sketch before I head out to Cowboys & Aliens

(well “quick” for my slow ass)

my favourite picture of Wolverine ever by Barry Windsor Smith

I’ve thought,more than once, of getting this as a tattoo

I use to have this on a sweatshirt in 7th grade…I made sure to wear it for my yearbook photo because I’m super radical like that..

..pushing my luck…

The X-fast Club

ok, end of the Jim Henson tributes for the day…….maybe

oh, yeah, buy Moon Girl in your comic shoppe

..and call your mother, she misses you…