The X-fast Club by Rahzzah 

..I really need to do a proper polished version of this idea,someday.

Ex-Men: Rogue



Storm by ~Rahzzah

I think we can all agree, that Punk Rock Storm was the best Storm…

2012 by ~Rahzzah

lil hodgepodge of illustrations from the last year

Uncanny 181 by ~Rahzzah

…remember that time Wolverine fought a dragon?


Rogue by ~Rahzzah

I love Rogue’s uniform in X-Men Legacy, and also her outfit with the cloak when Bachalo was doing Uncanny, but my favourite is still 80’s-era-Silvestri.

This is my little spin on it.

my favourite Charest piece


Drawn By
Eric Tan

little pre-work-sketch from yesterday

Greaser Wolverine would be on my list of “dream job assignments” 

till then, check out 50’s style superheroes in our book “Moon Girl”


Urgh, I find Pixie so pretty, I hope to God I can do her justice.

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